09 September 2011

International Children

This fabric design was created to go with "Harmony Day". What is Harmony Day? From the website: "It's about celebrating our cultural diversity, community participation, inclusiveness and respect."

The fabric is covered in children wearing dress from various different cultures - some of them more traditional then others. There are two main layouts of the fabric at this stage - one with the children randomly displayed, and the other in rows - intending to be a border fabric. I have put several different background colours behind the children. At the moment I have it with a nice olive background, an orange background, a white background or a dark charcoal background. I think the charcoal would be a bit dark, but it was one that was requested.

Here's a picture of a skirt made up in the fabric. You can see the colours at Spoonflower.

09 December 2010

Two Girls

These two girls come in a few different sizes.

The first ones here almost fill a fat quarter. You can use them to make dolls. Just use a co-ordinating fabric for the back, sew them right sides together, turn the right way, and stuff. The fabric could be put together in a kit for a child to sew, or the doll could be made for a child.

The smaller doll print would make a nice pillow case or cushion for a child's bed, with one of these dolls made up for cuddling or as a little pillow to sit with it - see the difference in size below. Of course, you can specify the size that you want the print.

There is a co-ordinating dot available. If you want other co-ordinates, please ask!

Screenprint Matroyshkas

These simple matroyshkas are individually screen printed. They can be printed onto calico, natural hemp muslin, or any fabric of your chosing.

There are two sizes. The large size has a back and a front and can be made into dolls. They are great put together as a sewing kit for children with some stuffing.

Instructions can be supplied for including in kits.

The base can be just sewn together, or if you want the doll to stand, a small sewn bag of something heavy (like rice) can be put in, and a round piece of fabric can be sewn on the bottom. If you like, a piece of fabric stamped with "Original Screenprint" and the designer's name can be included for the base.

These smaller size dolls look great as a border on garments - skirts, dresses, etc. They can be printed in white on darker fabric.

Alternatively, they can be printed on light fabric and used to make decorations. Cut each doll separately, sew a co-ordinating fabric onto the back, stuff and add a string to hang on a Christmas tree or to decorate a shelf. The tiny flowers between each doll are discarded when they are used this way.

Screenprint Paisley

Individually screenprinted, this paisley pattern is lovely on the bottom of pants or similar.

Screenprint Butterflies

This butterfly fabric has been hand screen printed. The butterflies are randomly placed - with no formal repeat. In this example, the fabric has been made into curtains, but it would also look nice as a girl's dress. Because it is individually printed, you can chose your colour scheme.

The same butterflies have been used here to decorate a skirt. The base fabric is a hemp muslin, dyed with fibre reactive dyes.

Red Birds and Flowers

This bird design is very bold. The size of print here is large, although it can also be printed smaller. There are three co-ordinates - dots, small birds and flowers. Please request more if needed.

There is an example dress made up with this fabric in the other colourscheme, so please see that post.

Pastel Birds and Flowers

This fresh bird and flower design is based on a papercut screen print, with editing of the images kept to a minimum so that the design retains freshness. The original prints were made by cutting the shapes out of paper.

There are several co-ordinates available, and the whole range is available with different colour birds. If you want other co-ordinates or other colour schemes, please ask.

The fabric is pictured here in a woven cotton, but jerseys are also available. You could make a skirt or pinafore out of a woven cotton in the main print and a tee out of a co-ordinate.

Bright Matroyshkas

This is one of my all-time favourites. The colours are so strong and cheerful. Matroyshkas are a very popular motif, but are often in reds, blacks and other dark colours. This fabric brightens them up.

There are a couple of co-ordinates. Please ask if you need more or if you'd like to try it in a different colour scheme.