09 December 2010

Screenprint Matroyshkas

These simple matroyshkas are individually screen printed. They can be printed onto calico, natural hemp muslin, or any fabric of your chosing.

There are two sizes. The large size has a back and a front and can be made into dolls. They are great put together as a sewing kit for children with some stuffing.

Instructions can be supplied for including in kits.

The base can be just sewn together, or if you want the doll to stand, a small sewn bag of something heavy (like rice) can be put in, and a round piece of fabric can be sewn on the bottom. If you like, a piece of fabric stamped with "Original Screenprint" and the designer's name can be included for the base.

These smaller size dolls look great as a border on garments - skirts, dresses, etc. They can be printed in white on darker fabric.

Alternatively, they can be printed on light fabric and used to make decorations. Cut each doll separately, sew a co-ordinating fabric onto the back, stuff and add a string to hang on a Christmas tree or to decorate a shelf. The tiny flowers between each doll are discarded when they are used this way.

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